Association Guide

A word from the Chairman of the Board


Junichi Miyakawa
Chairman of the Board


The Telecommunications Carriers Association was established in 1987 with the aim of contributing to the sound growth of the telecommunications industry and to improved convenience for the public by addressing common issues faced by telecommunications carriers.


ICT is indispensable infrastructure for both economic activity and everyday life. In addition, it is expected to contribute greatly to solving Japan’s social and economic issues, such as the declining working-age population, shrinking regional economies, devastating disasters, and aging infrastructure, as well as global climate change due to increased power consumption.


The Japanese government also aims to solve social and economic issues through the use of ICT, by promoting the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation, along with the establishment of digital infrastructure, including fiber optic and 5G networks, and the implementation of digital services, including telemedicine and remote education, using this infrastructure.


On the other hand, the rapid development of ICT has raised pressing needs, such as ensuring the stable availability of telecommunication services, improving the resilience of networks, ensuring data governance, and taking measures to deal with illegal and harmful information. The telecommunications industry is also required to promote decarbonization efforts toward achieving carbon neutrality.


Given this, as well as our aim to fulfill our social responsibility as an organization consisting of telecommunications carriers playing major roles in ICT, the Telecommunications Carriers Association will promote initiatives to contribute to the sound development of telecommunications businesses, such as ensuring the safety and reliability of information and communication networks, in addition to contributing to consumer support, social contributions, and other areas. All members of the Telecommunications Carriers Association will continue to work as hard as we can, while competing with one another, towards the further growth of the info-communications industry, with our first priority being to improve convenience for the people of Japan, in this fiscal year as well.

June, 2023